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Supporting dogs & their humans through flower essences, essential oils & Eastern energy techniques.

👣 A nurturing, safe space is created so that together we look at what it is that you want to work on – it can be emotional, physical, or mental projects.

👣  A bespoke session offering natural treatments to help release any stress, fears, anxiety or other projects you want to work with to bring you back to health & wellbeing.

👣  You will learn to re-connect with the inner you, listen to your needs & use the tools I provide you with to support yourself.


🐾  I work with your dog & you to get to the root cause of whatever is causing your dog discomfort – emotional, behavioural, or physical.

🐾  Your dog is given their very own individual, tailor-made treatment using natural methods & allowing them to choose what they need in order to bring them back into harmony.

🐾  I support you as the pawrent to implement any changes that are needed & empower you with information & techniques to bring your furry friend back into wellness.