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Artax the Akita

The story of a dumped and neglected Akita in Bahrain.


Artax was purchased from a breeder in Russia and brought into the heat of Bahrain!  From her 7k following Instagram page, it looked as though she was loved and admired.  Until she became unwell, then she was left at kennels…  Yep, you read correctly.  Dropped off and not collected.  A video was taken of her dragging her back legs across stones and gravel.  This video was sent to a Bahraini rescuer who sent it on to Sandi Thom at the Bahrain Animal Rescue Centre.  The kennel location was found and an operation set in place to rescue this poor dog before she perished in the heat.

Her vet visit indicated that she had tick paralysis hence the loss of use of her back legs, she was massively dehydrated and had cuts on her legs, chin and mouth where she had dragged herself over the stones.  She needed medication to help with the tick paralysis, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and a lot of care and love to get her on the mend.

This is when I got a message from Sandi to see if I could work with Artax to help with her healing – physically, mentally and emotionally.  When I first met Artax she was in a lot of pain, she couldn’t lift her head and she was depressed.  I made up a Bach flower remedy bottle for her to help with her trauma, sadness, exhaustion and changes she was going through.  I started with three Applied Zoopharmacognosy sessions per week to really support and encourage her.  Artax was choosing a lot of oils related to her physical and emotional pain.  She knew what she wanted and when she had had enough, she would throw her head back.  I loved that she was so clear and obvious with her needs.  Slowly, slowly, over the days and weeks; she could lift her head, crawl around her room, take steps when assisted, take a few steps on her own.  It was beautiful to see a team of people helping her to succeed.

Gradually over the months, Artax is needing less essential oils.  I am giving her Jin Shin Jyutsu sessions, mixed with some reiki to strengthen and maintain her development.

At the time of writing, Artax has made huge progress but still has a long way to go.  You can follow her journey on Instagram @artaxtheakita

Also read about her rescuer in the Gulf Weekly article, where I was chuffed to get a mention!