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Bone Fractures

Bone Fractures


I remember wearing a cast back when I was 14 years old for a hairline fracture of the wrist.  It was simple enough, my mum was a nurse, she came & picked me up from school & took me in to where she worked to have an x-ray & then the plaster of paris cast wrapped on.  Six weeks & many signatures later the cast came off & that was it!

Seven months ago I broke my tibia & fractured my fibula, coming down the Atlas Mountains in Morocco.  Two operations, prescribed pain killers, a few half casts then a full, pick-any-colour fibreglass cast, & months of physiotherapy later….  I am getting back on track!!  This was a completely different experience!

From sitting in hospital waiting areas & seeing the amount of elderly that had fractures from slipping, tripping & falling – I was determined that this would be my last ever break!

Listed below are some tips on how to help your body heal & reduce any inflammation & pain.



After fracturing a bone & particularly after any surgery, it is vital that you are eating & drinking healthily.

If you are taking any antibiotics, first thing is to take a good probiotic to put back all the good gut bacteria.

Drinking lots of water will help you detox from the anesthesia that can last in your body for up to 12 months.

The following are key vitamins & minerals that are needed to help heal bone fractures & the associated problems that come with it.  Eat as many as you can, including adding them in smoothies & juices.  A good multivitamin is also essential for a speedy healing process.

Calcium & Magnesium


Brussel Sprouts Butternut Squash Cauliflower Sesame Seeds

Chia Seeds

Cilantro Coconut Water Dates



Garlic Grapefruit Grapes Lemons
Raw Honey Mamey Oranges Onions


Papaya Pears Peas Parsnip



Although the above foods have magnesium, the best & most effective way to get magnesium in the body is transdermally.  So buying high quality magnesium flakes (to soak in a bath), & applying magnesium spray & magnesium cream to your body – 3-5 times a day – will be hugely beneficial.

Vitamin C


Cranberries Lychee Mango Strawberries
Cauliflower Grapefruit Oranges    


Vitamin D


Sunflower Seeds Sardines Tuna


Salmon Eggs Mushrooms    



Brazil Nuts

Brussel Sprouts Green Beans Kale





Melons Cucumber Leafy Greens Artichokes

Nettle Leaf*


* Nettle Leaf is a powerfully mineral rich herb.  Easiest way to get this is to buy the organic nettle leaf tea bags.  Drink at least one cup a day.

Food Good for Bones

Swiss Chard Alfalfa Sprouts Horsetail – herb Oatstraw – herb Celery



Although Essential Oils do not heal broken bones on their own, they can help speed up the healing process as well as reduce the pain.  Always dilute it.  You can put 1-3 drops in with your magnesium cream/oil or coconut oil.

Cypress – improves circulation, strengthens blood capillaries, reduces fluid retention

Fir – helping in healing the bone

Helichrysum – reduces pain from inflammation & muscle spasms, & repairs damage nerve tissue.

Wintergreen – anti inflammatory & reduces all types of pain

Young Living Essential Oils do blended oils that are great for the healing process:

Panaway – combines Wintergreen, Helichrysum, Peppermint & Clove

Deep Relief Rollerball – combines Peppermint, Lemon, Balsalm Fir, Copaiba, Clove, Helichrysum, Wintergreen, Vetiver, Palo Santo



Always best to see a homeopath for on-going specific complaints but listed are general remedies you could use.

Arnica – for bruising & general healing

Staphysagria – healing of wounds, even old wounds.

Hypericum – surgical wounds with shooting nerve pain

Symphytum (knit bone) – mends broken bones as well as helps heals injuries to cartilage, tendons & ligaments.



Pop a crystal in your pocket, or ladies-your bra, maybe down a sock!  Many crystals can be helpful, depending on what you’re experiencing with your healing process.  These crystals below are easy to find & specifically for the fracture itself.

Blue Lace Agate – strengthens the skeletal system & helps heals fractures

Malachite – helps treat fractures & swollen joints

Don’t forget to cleanse your crystal regularly.  Tumbled stones held under running water with the intention of clearing out any negative energy.  If you smudge, think dried sage, use the smoke to clear your crystal.  Putting it out in direct sunlight or moonlight for a few hours, as long as it is a stone that doesn’t fade.  A carnelian crystal or a clear quartz cleanses other crystals – so keep them  altogether overnight.



Energy healing is also good to help with mending fractures & managing pain relief.  Deep breathing exercises & meditation are always simple ways to help ease pain & reduce any stress you may be feeling.  Reiki is also beneficial.

For a more specialised treatment, a holistic practitioner can ascertain from where your fracture is situated, what chakra & meridian to work on.  Holding certain Jin Shin Jyutsu points is also a simple but powerful treatment to help the healing.

Infrared sauna or the bio mat have also been proven to be beneficial to aid circulation, heal wounds, repair tissue damage & heal fractures.

And finally, see a physiotherapist to get your movement back &, remember to listen to your body & get lots of rest!