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The Session


Usually, I will come to your home at the pre-agreed time for the session with you and your dog.  I will introduce myself to your dog and ensure that they are comfortable with me.  During this time, I will always let you know what I am doing, how I am helping your dog, and show you certain tools that you can use yourself to support your pet at home.  After the consultation, I typically send you emails with information we have discussed so you can have a better understanding on what is being worked on.

Holistic treatments mean looking at every aspect of your dog’s life.  This means I need to work with you.  As the primary caretaker of your pet, you know your dog best and so, together, we will work through what is needed to bring your pet back to full health – whether that be physically, emotionally or mentally.  I only ever do what feels comfortable for your dog and you; nothing is ever forced, otherwise this ends up being counter-productive. 

Holistic also means looking at the root of the problem, not putting a Band Aid on the issue.  I am here to support you and your dog from the perspective of where you are currently at, and I work together with you at a pace that suits both you and your dog to make improvements from there.  

The time it will take to treat your dog will often depend on how long they have had symptoms for. This means there is no ‘quick fix’ but instead a deep therapeutic approach tailored to your dog’s individual needs to bring their equilibrium back into balance – and keep it there.

Baxter bandaged
Tar smiling with oils


I am not a veterinarian and always advise that you need to check in with your dog’s vet first and inform them of our sessions.  These therapies are complementary to any medical treatments.

When you book an appointment, I will send you a form for completion which will need to be completed and returned to me prior to your scheduled time. 

Before our session, your dog’s needs should be met to ensure that there are no distractions; please make sure that your pet has been fed, watered, walked, and ideally gone to the toilet.

I need to work in a quiet, preferably enclosed space.  Where your dog sleeps or rests is ideal as it needs to be a place where they feel comfortable.  

No interruptions.  It is important that other family members are aware of what is happening and why.  An interrupted session can be distracting for your dog and could interfere with the healing process.

Lastly, and most importantly, I need a promise.  As your dog’s caretaker, whatever I decide upon as the treatment plan, I will need your support to follow this through.  Holistic therapy requires commitment as none of this works if a pet owner does not do their part.  This may simply mean giving the bespoke remedy drops four times a day, feeding an agreed diet, holding Jin Shin Jyutsu points as shown, or offering the prescribed essential oils.   Keeping in communication with me is also a necessary part of the session.



All sessions are animal led. This means I will be guided by your pet as to what therapies are needed to help them heal. This may include Applied Zoopharmacognosy, Reiki, and/or Jin Shin Jyutsu. As this will be our first consultation together, your dog needs to feel comfortable and we will need to go over previous history Please allow at least 2 hours for us to work together. This will also include a bottle of Bach flower remedies, as well as support emails and texts.
Time: Minimum 2 hours
Price: BD 40
Price: (for adoption and foster dogs) BD 35


This is any follow up sessions after your initial consultation. This will include a bottle of Bach flower remedies, and support emails and texts.
Time: 60-90 minutes
Price: BD 35


Although my consultations include support between sessions, sometimes pet parents need a little more paw holding while going through the transformation process. That is ok! I am always happy to help through this but if emails become excessive or there is an issue that is more detailed & it is in the dog’s best interest to discuss over the phone, I will ask you to schedule a follow up call.

Price BD 10


We talk through what issues are presenting in your dog and the emotions and feelings connected with that. From our discussions, your dog will receive a personalized remedy bottle that should last about 3 weeks.
Time: 60 minutes
Price: BD 20
Mini Bach flower remedy consultation - over email and you to collect
Price: BD 15
Repeat Prescription: BD 8
Repeat Prescription and returned bottle: BD 7
Gift Voucher


Gift Vouchers are also available


Contact me for more information.

I will always endeavour to re-book a space but a no-show and late cancellations (24 hours notice) may attract a fee.

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