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Hospital First Aid Kit

Hospital First Aid Kit

Surgery can be a traumatic experience for anyone, whether it is an elective or an emergency operation.

Having broken my leg earlier this year, I experienced both types!  I was rushed (well, as fast as you can rush; having been carried down a mountain, & then driven 1½  hours to get back to the city!)  into a Moroccan hospital. Where I had surgery within a few hours after being x-rayed.

My next operation was scheduled, whereby giving me time to get myself prepared & packed with all my “essentials” in order to be as comfortable as possible for my stay.

Of course, drinking lots of water, healthy eating, & getting enough sleep are key to your healing process.  However, to really pamper your hospital stay, & if you are like me & enjoy lists, here is an infographic of a few things you may want to consider bringing: