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Photo of Anissa

Hi! I’m Anissa.

Thank you for coming to visit my very small part of the web.

Grab yourself a cuppa, make yourself comfortable in the front row, VIP seat and I’ll tell you a little bit about me…

Born and raised in Australia under the Aquarian star sign, on the cusp of the Chinese Year of Rooster/Dog which makes me an honest, introverted, understanding, free spirited, loyal perfectionist* with a bit of a quirky side…!

*A little side note : Just so we’re honest with one another from the start—I strive to be but I am not perfect! (Don’t tell my husband and kids!)

My love of travel and different cultures, plus my husband’s job, has taken me all over the world and now I have taken up residency in my fifth country, Bahrain.  In every country there are always challenges and rewards due to the culture, people and environment.  Bahrain was no exception despite the fact I had lived in the Middle East before, and so I thought my experiences would be similar.  Although I arrived in this small island with my trusty Labrador, Phoebe, having googled that Bahrain is a dog friendly country, my connection with dogs has unfolded to far beyond what I ever would have imagined.   I have always tried, in my own little way, to Make a Difference to people’s lives – volunteering at my children’s school, helping with charities, creating like-minded communities and empowering others to see their own incredible abilities but my journey has now extended to animals.  To be a part of this process, to see a suffering animal come into his/her own is just so rewarding; to be the contented soul it was meant to be.

So currently I am a busy mother of two teenagers, one dog and two foster dogs plus the wife of a husband who travels every week.  I am constantly trying to achieve a balanced and harmonious environment, guide my children to become positive, kind, considerate adults and navigate my way through the minefields of hormones and teenage behaviour, train and guide my foster dogs so that they are well adjusted to be able to integrate into their forever home easily, as well as keep myself in check!

My friends have often asked me how I got into Holistic Health and what made me take the leap from the fast paced corporate business world to Energy Healing. The answer is very simple:
I am a self confessed therapy junkie!! From my early 20’s I have always been into some sort of healing therapy. I loved it. It was like checking in my physical, mental, emotional baggage with someone, leaving it there and heading out with a renewed outlook. I have received some fabulous healing with some awesome people. Then, whilst living in Abu Dhabi, I met with a vivacious, bubbly dynamo who suggested I learn Reiki …

It was a beautiful start to really understanding the Mind, Body, Soul connection and that was it, I was hooked. What started with my own self healing journey, then went on to become a life purpose – I wanted to share what I was learning with others. I felt everyone needed to get a regular “tune up”! I am constantly training to increase my “tool box” of skills and always have my nose in a self help or text book!! I want to be able to offer my clients, furry or non-furry, a range of techniques that we can draw from to get them to creating the life of their dreams.

I am trained in the following therapies:

• Reiki 1 and 2
• Angelic Reiki Master
• Touch for Health Certificate
• Jin Shin Jyutsu Certificate
• Bach Flower Remedies – Level 1 and 2
• Brain Gym for Health and Well Being Certificate
• Retained Reflexes Basic Level Certificate

* Applied Zoopharmacognosy Level 1 and 2



I’m extremely grateful that my journey has made me who I am today: the animal loving girl that pops crystals in her bra; has essential oils going all over the house along with a sprinkling of salt lamps; and carrying Arnica & Bach Flower Remedies wherever she goes!


Let’s get started—I’m here to help