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Fraggle was found at around 2 months old with two of his siblings in the Bahrain desert.  They had been poisoned.  One sibling didn’t make it.  Fraggle was taken to the vet where he needed to be operated on as his stomach had twisted.  He spent the next 6 months recovering in one of the rescue centre manager’s home.  Unfortunately he did not get along with one of the dogs & so went into the rescue centre.  

Unfortunately life at the rescue centre was quite stressful for Fraggle & he did not settle very well.  He loved the staff & volunteers but there were issues with some of the other dogs.  I had just said goodbye to PopEye the week before when I was asked if I could foster Fraggle until he found his forever home.  A couple of days later he arrived..

This gorgeous, lanky 10 month old pup was very affectionate & happy to cuddle on top of you, despite his size!

He was definitely a big presence in our house, not just in size but in personality.  Fortunately Phoebe, our Lab, is a very chilled out dog & not bothered that Fraggle would push past her to get in the door first, or take the toys she was playing with.  However he was certainly told off when he went near her food!!  A Lab & their food is usually a sacred thing!  

He made himself at home fairly quickly.  Already had his spot on the sofa, his own chair in my office.  Fraggle was very food motivated which always makes it easier to train.  He was very quick to pick up commands.

Fraggle loved our beach walks, except if there were loud noises – or horses.  Twice he bolted when a jet ski started up.  Fortunately running straight back to the car as Phoebe & I would never have caught up to him otherwise.  After working with him through plant medicine, he became a lot less anxious of noise.

I knew the day would come when someone would see his beauty on the website in the UK.  As much as we were so tempted to keep him, his life in the UK with lots of parkland & nature reserves, the cooler weather was going to give him such a better quality of life.  And so, 3½ months later he left quite suddenly to ensure he was on a flight before the corona virus affected the borders.

I have been fortunate that his new owners have been amazing at sending me updates.  I can never read them without some tears in my eyes.