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Self Love

Self Love

With Valentine’s Day coming up, love is in the air!  So I wanted to bring up the most important love there is – Self Love.

So what is Self Love?   Let’s start with what it is not.  It is not something you buy in a shop.  It is not something you achieve by getting a new haircut or losing weight.

Self Love is a job that starts from the inside. It is an ongoing practice.  It is a process of understanding & appreciating the self, having compassion for the self.

When you love yourself, you will have a better self care routine – nutrition, movement, spiritual practice, sleep & social interactions.  You will become more mindful – understanding yourself better.  You will be able to say no & set boundaries.  You will be able to forgive yourself & others.

Self Love “grows from actions that support our physical, psychological & spiritual growth” – Psychology Today.

Only when we are accepting of our uniqueness, appreciate our strengths & weaknesses, can we truly give & receive love from an authentic place.

Here are a few basic practices to help get you started with a self love process.

Sending you love,