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So What’s the Deal with Celery Juice?

So what’s the deal with celery juice??

It all started with one man – Anthony Williams, also known as the Medical Medium.  I was  introduced to his books a couple of years ago.  I love his authenticity & genuineness to want to help people.  Although at the time, there was nothing particularly concerning with my health, I did want to lose weight & I did want to have more energy & improve my general well-being.  I decided to implement a few of his suggestions.  I went with the easy-to-implement options!  One of them was celery juice.

I already had a masticating (cold press) juicer so it was just a matter of buying the celery.  

The Recipe


Celery – preferably organic, otherwise wash well 


Put the celery through the juicer.  Drink immediately on an empty stomach for maximum health benefits.

If you have a blender, put the celery on high speed.  Then strain.  Drink immediately on an empty stomach for maximum health benefits.

Do not make the same mistake I did & start with the full amount – you need to build up to the recommended 16oz (just under ½ litre) per day.  The taste may take some time to get used to.  If you really can’t bear it, try adding a cucumber or green apple to start with.

Bottoms Up!


So What Have I noticed?

I have been having celery juice on & off over the last 18 months.  The first improvement I noticed was that my bloating had gone down.  Even when I would go for the desert option, I would not look like I was 6 months pregnant!

The second difference is that my skin looks fresher.  I am fortunate that I do not suffer from acne but I am prone to cold sores & have suffered eczema.  I haven’t had one outbreak – until now!  (I am currently on a detox & it’s all coming out!!)

If you look at the Medical Medium social media he shares many incredible healing stories from people who have followed his protocol.  Let me warn you there are some tear jerkers.  The photos alone will amaze you.

Some of the Benefits of Celery Juice

Migraines Acne Diabetes Leaky Gut
Psoriasis Eczema Bloating Constipation
Restless Legs Insomnia

Yeast Infections

Balance Blood Sugars
Kidney Stones Fibromyalgia Anxiety/Depression Thyroid Disorder


The list goes on.  As Anthony writes in his book ‘Life Changing Foods’ – “Celery is one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory foods, because it starves unproductive bacteria, yeast, mold, fungus & viruses that are present in the body & flushes their toxins & debris out of the intestinal tract & liver”.

It is becoming common knowledge plus there have been many studies that show the gut is connected both to our brain & our immune system.  

Celery Juice alkalizes the gut, it increases the hydrochloric acid which allows food to be digested easier.  A stronger digestive system & a balanced gut flora will mean a healthier you on the inside & out!  

I say CHEERS to that!